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Mr. Joe Green Honor Tree

The Friends of the Parkland Library honored the Director of the Parkland Library, Mr. Joe Green, by presenting and planting a Ylang-Ylang Tree in his honor at the Parkland Community Garden.  Mr. Green has made a positive impact on our community by being an strong leader as the Director of the Parkland Library and by spearheading the Library expansion.  He also worked along side the local Boy Scout troop to make a butterfly garden, as well as, a contemplation garden where students can go to relax, to meditate, and to have peace.  Mr. Green co-founded and created the Parkland Community Garden and brought  people together to till the earth, grow vegetables, and learn about gardening. We thank Mr. Green for making a positive difference in our community by being a visionary, a leader, and a facilitator to make Parkland a better place to live! 

ylang ylang plant tree 6.JPG
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The Journey of the Ylang-Ylang tree from the nursery to the Parkland Community Garden!  

Jarrett Alman from the Parkland Community Garden was instrumental in helping the Friends choose a special tree for the garden, pick a perfect location and plant the tree.

Tribute for Joe honor board.PNG
ylang ylang plant tree 5.JPG
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The Friends came together with the help of Pasquale's Landscaping to help with the transport, and planting of the tree in the Parkland Community Garden.

boy scout garden.jpg

Boy Scout Contemplation Garden

Parkland Community Garden

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