Helping Hands on our Legacy Wall

 Introductory Offer of  $75 Donation

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Email if you have any questions about the project.

Click on the Registration Form Button above, complete the attached form and Submit Registration.  Then click on the donation tab or else go into the Parkland Library with your cash or check payment of $75 per tile. 

Leave your Legacy by showing your love and support for the Parkland Library by adding your Helping Handprint on our Legacy Wall in the Children’s Wing.  Every time your family visits the library you will proudly see your family's contribution to the Parkland Library and feel proud about your contribution to the gem of the city. Our Legacy continues…

You can show your support by having your handprint on our Legacy Wall for an Introductory Offer of a $75 Donation which goes to support the specialty programs delivered at the Parkland Library!

Contact for more information or call Kathy Kestler, President of Parkland Friends of the Library at :